Day 134: New Hair Color

I haven’t blogged a daily entry in a while. Work (and my non-work life) has been busier. I feel like my health has been better (probably because of the warmer weather).

Not much going on with me these days (besides the busyness). The biggest update would be that I have rose gold hair now. I was surprised by how much people seem to like it. Some even told me to keep this color for a long time.

I had blonde hair for a while and then when I was walking on the street one day, I happened to see a girl with rose gold hair. It looked blonde from far away, but then at a closer distance, it had a pinkish hue to it that was very captivating. As soon as I saw it, I wanted to try it! So here I am.

Me with my new hair color

I’m thinking about trying silver next, but I want to keep on doing rose gold until I get bored of it.


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