On the Track: I’ll Find You – Lecrae feat. Tori Kelly

The latest song from Lecrae. I love that he collaborated with Tori Kelly. I happened to listen to a few of her songs and wow…. does that girl got some pipes. I had a feeling after hearing her song “Dear No One” (also a good song) that she is Christian.

I’m not someone who will love a song or a book or etc. just because it’s Christian. I have to actually like it. And admittedly, most contemporary Christian music is not what I would listen to on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong, I love praising the Lord, but the style is just not what I normally go for.

(Tangent: A music aficionado told me that a majority of CCM is heavily influenced by country music and I suddenly realized that’s probably a big reason why I don’t absolutely love CCM. I can’t stand country music, even though I grew up in the South, haha.)

I appreciate this particular song because it’s something I genuinely enjoy listening to and has a positive message.

Featured image: Genius


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