Day 120: Street Fire

(Sorry for not writing during the past couple of days. I was dealing with stomach issues, probably food poisoning, so I was down for the count, haha.)

I took a break this afternoon and while I was strolling down 5th Ave, I started to smell smoke. NYC has a lot of funky smells on the street on a normal basis, so I didn’t think that much of it until I realized that the air was becoming less clear. I kept on walking and saw a huge pillar of smoke rising up high above the buildings.

Crowds of people were gathered along the street (this was around 39th and 5th), staring at a taxi cab that had caught on fire. I observed for a while, but then left once I heard popping noises coming from the burning vehicle. I didn’t want to be caught in the crosshairs if there were an explosion. Admittedly, I also felt uneasy, given the recent Times Square car crash and the countless terrorism attacks we see on the news. This fire could have been the sinister work of a deranged individual. Thankfully, from what I read, this just turned out to be a freak incident and no one was injured. Whew.


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