Day 116: Secret Garden and a Run

Haven’t written in a week! I got really sick over the weekend, so I’ve been out of it for the past couple of days. Thankfully, I feel way better now. 🙂 I even went for a run last night (first time in over two months!). I expected to not be able to run even a mile, but I was less out of shape than I thought I was.

I recently hung out with some friends in West Village and there was a garden across from the restaurant where we had brunch. We happened to notice it on our way to the piers and made a stop. It belongs to a church called St. Luke in the Fields and it was quite lovely. The flowers were all very colorful and in full bloom. The garden is listed as one of NYC’s best “secret gardens,” according to Gothamist.

The locals were chilling there, reading books and walking around. I would love to have a garden near my apartment, but I guess I’ll settle for the Hudson. 😉

My view during my run last night. Running by water is the best. 🙂

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