Day 109: A Screening of “I’m Dying Up Here”

Last night, I went to a special screening of the pilot episodes for Showtime’s upcoming TV show “I’m Dying Up Here” (which airs June 4) at a movie theater in Union Square. My roommate got invited to the event and registered the both of us for it. We got free popcorn and drinks along with the screening.


We left after the first episode, mostly because we were hungry (popcorn is not a satisfactory dinner) but also because we didn’t feel like the content was engaging enough to stay for another episode. It’s about standup comics in the ’70s and the bulk of the first episode takes place in the aftermath of one comedian’s suicide after having reached the pinnacle of his career.

For the most part, the jokes and quips between the characters fell flat and there were a couple of moments here and there when the acting felt forced and unnatural, like when a few comedian friends were in a diner, verbally insulting one another. It just felt like they were trying way too hard to be funny or sarcastic.

I personally wouldn’t choose to watch “I’m Dying Up Here,” but it was interesting to attend a pilot screening for something. Wouldn’t mind going to others in the future.


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