Day 98: A, B, C, D…

An hour before work ended today, my head started hurting badly and my body began to feel weak and heavy. Even sitting upright in my chair took effort. I eventually sneaked away to a one-person bathroom and sat down at the corner of the floor, leaning against the white-tiled wall. I closed my eyes with my hands to my head and tried to gather up the energy I knew I would need to get home. I felt better after sitting down and taking some aspirin, so I made it home and then just rested. 

Throughout all of this, I found myself jumping to the worst possible reasons for why I felt pain so I was reminded of my tendency to overworry or think way too far in advance about something. If A is a bad situation at present, then I’m already thinking about B, C, D, etc. Granted, the ability to think ahead is helpful for planning in a lot of cases, but I think it can be a big hindrance for enjoying the present and living life without stress (my mortal enemy). Reminding myself to just think about A and not all that might follow after it. 


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