Day 95: Beethoven

I mostly listened to Beethoven while at work today, probably because I heard the second movement of his seventh symphony and it’s been stuck in my head (it’s used in a lot of movies). I ended up reading about his life on Wikipedia (I really like learning about random stuff online) and he definitely had an eventful life. 

When I read about these artistic geniuses though, it seems as if a lot of them grew up with a lot of suffering and/or continue to suffer throughout their careers. And there are artists like Vincent van Gogh whose talent was only recognized posthumously (after he committed suicide). I wonder if their suffering, pain, and instability somehow enabled them to create, that a dissatisfaction with life somehow led them to see and feel the world in a different way and express all of that through their gifts. Maybe Beethoven’s music and van Gogh’s paintings would have completely different had they lived normal, stable, healthy and happy lives.

It’s encouraging, in a way, to hear and see such beautiful works from the hands of flawed individuals (just as we are all flawed). Beethoven probably didn’t ask himself whether or not his music would become universally known, even centuries later. But he is still one of the most famous classical composers. It makes me wonder who among us will still be remembered long after we die. Maybe Beyoncé??? Lol. 


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