Day 86: Bookworm

I didn’t write yesterday because I was exhausted. In the past few weeks, 7-8 hours of sleep hasn’t been enough and I only feel well-rested if I sleep like… 11 hours (ridiculous!). I passed out around 8 PM last night and woke up at 7 AM this morning. My roommate doesn’t think this is normal and I agree. Planning on bringing it up with my doctor at my next appointment.

Anyways, besides that, I’ve been thinking about the books I used to enjoy as a kid (like The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley). I was a total bookworm. I loved reading more than interacting with people. I was always peering down at a book at the dinner table, before bed, at social gatherings, and even in the bathroom. Sometimes I would take baths just so I could read while cleaning my body, haha. 

the_blue_sword(Tangent: I have a personal theory. In every language I’ve studied, I pick up reading and writing quickly, but listening and speaking is always harder for me, whether it’s English, Korean, Mandarin, French, or Spanish. When I took the Business Chinese Test, I scored a whole level higher on reading and writing than on listening and speaking, so this discrepancy is test-proven! My theory is that the cause of this discrepancy is because I  spent so much time reading as a kid and in comparison, so little time having social interactions with others. Or maybe this is just how I placate myself every time I don’t do well on something listening-/speaking-related, haha.)

I remember going to the library with my dad and my siblings every few weeks or so. I would always pick out SO MANY books that I would have to go back and put some of them back on the shelves because they were more than we could take at the time. As I’m writing this, a wave of nostalgia is hitting my chest. Those were good times.

This all makes me realize how little I read for pleasure anymore. Besides looking passages of the Bible or skimming through news articles for information, I don’t really read. I think I probably started reading less later on during high school and then college, when reading became more about efficiency than enjoyment. For assignments, I would have to crunch through textbooks and assigned readings, so time spent reading on anything else seemed like a waste of time.

I want to read more! Going to try to make that a hobby in my life again.

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