Day 53: A Morning Moment

I work in Midtown, but sometimes I get off the train at Columbus Circle so I can have a morning walk to my office. I much prefer walking to public transportation, so I like to get out of the subway and go the rest of the way by foot.

As I walked down 7th Ave, passing by Carnegie Hall, I thought about how I live in New York—a city many dream of visiting—and wondered how I got here. Amidst all my days of mindless commuting, today I took the time to take in my surroundings. Even though it was drizzling and the skies were gray, I couldn’t help but smile because what I saw was beautiful—metropolitan, flashy, and bustling—but beautiful nonetheless, in its own way. I thanked God for the sight.

How did a little girl from North Carolina find herself in New York—of all places—and come to call it home?

Young Anna never even dreamed of living in this city. Maybe I’ll end up in more places I’ve never even dreamed of in my future. Who knows what the years will unfold? Excited for life.


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