Day 46: Subway Sighting and Comedy!

Last night, one of my friends invited me last-minute to a stand-up comedy show at a place in Chinatown. I grew up watching Comedy Central and I enjoy stand-up comedy a lot (one of my favorite comedians is Mike Birbiglia), so I decided to go. This was my first time actually seeing it live (versus onscreen).

On my way there, I think I saw Kirk from The Roots (who play on The Tonight Show). I’m pretty sure it was him, but I thought it would be rude to ask on the off-chance it wasn’t him, so I just snapped a pic from afar.

Kirk Douglas!

The lineup at the comedy show was good. I saw Janeane Garofalo (from many movies) in person and she performed. I think my favorite of the night was actually Jo Firestone (a writer for The Tonight Show). She had a natural awkward charm (oxymoron?) about her that was quite endearing. She was actually the only person who made me tear up from laughing so much.

Jo Firestone
Janeane Garofolo

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