Day 26: Random Subway Moment

I was sitting on the D train today, listening to music and playing a game on my phone when someone walked over and approached me out of nowhere. I took out one of my earphones and looked up.

“Do you have any desire to act? Like at all?”

I was caught off-guard by his question. I wasn’t sure if he was actually casting someone for something or if this was just some elaborate scheme to hit on me. I was tired and in no mood to have unnecessary conversation after the gym, so I just quickly turned him down.

“I’m okay,” I said, putting my earphone back into my ear. The guy walked back to his group of friends and they glanced over at me a few times. I got off at the next stop to transfer to the A line.

Was he just flirting, or did he actually want me to act?

I’m still wondering as I type this. Even if it were for real, it might have been for something sketchy (New York City has many characters). But thinking about it, I’ve actually always been intrigued with acting so I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot. Did I miss my big break? Haha. Who knows? But I’m sure if it’s meant to be, more opportunities will come. Maybe a stranger will try to cast me on the subway again. 😉


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