Day 17: Anna and the Ripped Jeans

I first started wearing glasses in the third grade and didn’t get contact lenses until I started ninth grade. With spectacles on my face combined with my plain appearance, I was far from a “looker.” I wasn’t very popular or well-liked as a kid, possibly due to my lack of physical attractiveness and awkward personality.

During the fourth grade, I had a crush on a boy in my class—one of the popular kids. He was cute, athletic, and laid-back—all the elements of cool to nine year-old Anna. Even though I knew I wasn’t particularly pretty, looked really nerdy, and had absolutely no chance with him, I still liked him (the heart wants what it wants!). I wanted him to like me too.

One day, after sipping water from a fountain in the hallway of my school, I turned around to see my crush staring at me from a short distance away.

Why is he looking at me?

I slowly walked down the hall towards our classroom while looking back every so often to see the boy I liked still staring at me as I moved away.

Oh, my goodness. He’s noticing me. Maybe I look good in this outfit. 

Just before I got to the classroom, one of my friends came up behind me.

“Anna,” she whispered in my ear. “Your pants are ripped from behind.” I turned my torso around to examine the back of my denim jeans. There was a big tear right in the middle and my pink underwear was showing. I glanced over at my crush and saw him talking with his friend as they both looked over at me.

I was mortified. I rushed over to my seat and tied my hoodie over my pants to hide the hole. While the boy I liked and his friend returned to their chairs, I sat down at my desk, staring down at my hands in embarrassment.

Years later, I am a lot more attractive (I got LASIK not too long ago so no more glasses!) and more sociable (at least I think I am, haha), but I think I might still be that nerdy girl with the ripped jeans inside. That was a rough moment for little Anna at the time, but adult Anna just laughs about it now.


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