Day 3: 태몽

In Korean culture, there’s something called 태몽, or a conception dream. It’s a dream women (or in some cases, people close to them) supposedly have when they’ve conceived. The symbolism in a conception dream might indicate the gender or certain qualities of the child or what his/her future will hold.

My mom told me that while she was pregnant with me, she had a dream that she met the South Korean president (at the time) in his office at the Blue House and drank wine with him.

Well, I certainly do love wine. 😉 It’s sort of funny that she dreamt about doing something that pregnant ladies should NOT do.

I’m not sure if I really believe that conception dreams can accurately predict anything, but it’s kind of fun to hear about these dreams and think about them. It might be a silly thing, but if I end up having kids, I’ll definitely tell them any dreams I had while I was pregnant with them (like my mom did with me).


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